I am sorry, PWeb seems to be having some trouble with your request.

There are a few reasons that PWeb could be having trouble:

  • You could be using the Apple Safari Web browser.
    Safari has trouble dealing with framed conent.
    • Use the browser back button to go Back, then hold the control key and CLICK on the link, a menu of options will come up, pick new window, and you should be good to go. Do not bookmark this new page. it probabably will not work. (did we mention that firefox may be a more useful long term solution?
    • If opening the page in a new window does not work, we suggest that you use Firefox if you continue to have trouble connecting to the academic records areas. Contact helpdesk ((1-641-269-4400 helpdesk@grinnell.edu) and let them know what VERSION of Safari you are using.
  • The connection between PWeb and the records system is down.
    Please be aware that the academic data system is unavailable every Thursday between 9 and 10 p.m. cst for regular maintenance so you may simply need to try back later.
  • This sort of thing is likely the result of a 'bad' link from a web site into the records system.
    If you got this after clicking on a link from PWeb or a web page, PLEASE contact the page maintainer or pioneerwebmaster (pioneerwebmaster@grinnell.edu.) and let them know which link you clicked on brought you to this page.

If all else fails, please contact helpdesk (1-641-269-4400 helpdesk@grinnell.edu) PLEASE tell them what you were trying to do, which web browser and computer system you are using, if you can log in to things like email, as well as your name and contact information.